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Winter 2015

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INT. Asian mother and father enter stage left arguing in a
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...I don't know what to say. But thanks for telling me about this; I really appreciate it. I won't take my thug life for granted from now on.
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For instance, if you were to get a girl pregnant, you'd become a father, *ASIAN DAD snaps belt* something you aren't ready for. Having a child out of wedlock would bring shame to our family and because you would have to take responsibility for the child, your life would change drastically.
MelissaGonzalez edited dialogue in "OPENING" on 03/09/2015. MelissaGonzalez made 2 other changes. more
Hispanic mother
In all seriousness, its hard to raise a child on your own. I got pregnant at 16 and your father wouldn't take responsibility for you. If you were to get pregnant now, I wouldn't help you out, you got yourself into it, you'd have to figure your own way to deal with it.
analindee edited dialogue in "OPENING" on 03/09/2015. analindee made 2 other changes. more
Well, everyone talks about that stuff now, I know a lot about it. It really isn't necessary to try to give me the sex talk, I get it.

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