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In the early 1900's, Nero Randazzo grows up under Don Antonini along with his other two best friends in Sicily. When Antonini is murdered, Nero and two of his friends leave for the New York, practicing Black Hand techniques until their impressive skills catch the eye of the local neighborhood boss, Don Caltagirone.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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am3407 edited an action in "Discussion about Cristo Costa" on 10/21/2013. am3407 made 11 other changes. more
We hear his footsteps, and they transfer over into the next scene.
am3407 edited an action in "nero gallo street woman comes up" on 08/16/2013. more
Nero and Gallo walk along the side of the cobbled, Jerusalem-like city streets as people move out of the way for them and give them smiles.
am3407 edited dialogue in "Don Nero Caltagirone" on 08/14/2013. more
Nero (CONT'D)
For all we know it was Carlo who set the don up. We're moving up north by the Bronx. We'll let someone else deal with Fanucci and the rest of them. We'll have to straighten some things out up in the Bronx, it'll be tough. Gallo will be my adviser. You won't carry anything out, but help me make decisions. Fazio, I want you to be in charge of Emilio and Ponzio. Make sure they're men checkout and are following orders.
am3407 added an action in "Don Nero Caltagirone" on 08/14/2013. am3407 made 23 other changes. more
Nero looks at Gallo, he forgot about Giuseppe.
am3407 added an action in "rosella goes back to the theatre" on 08/14/2013. am3407 made 37 other changes. more
A good portion of the people are still taking their seats. Rosella looks among the crowd for Nero's face, but cannot find him.

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