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Based on the idea of Scott Leopold.

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This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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He reaches down and picks up a small snow shovel. He inspects it, leans down again and wraps duct-tape between the metal and the small wooden stick holding it together.Sampa stands in the doorway with the shovel. In front of him, there is a mess from a party a few days ago, scattered everywhere. Sampa puts down the broom stick upon the surface of the connecting living room floor and begins to walk slowly with it in front of him. half awoken in a daze, he pushes the rubbish away to make a small road as if he where shoveling snow. He makes a road to the sink and drinks water from under the tap like an animal would. He then turns around and slides the shovel toward the coffee table. He stops when he hits a foot, he comes back to some sense of reality and looks down. There is James holding the bong with both hands face to the ground. There is bong water in James's long brownish-blonde unkempt hair and all over his black faded bonds t-shirt.
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Okay. This has potential. We'll probably dissect it more, add to it, combine it with other scenes, twist it around, chuck it, bring it back from the dead, throw some fairy dust in and, voila, it's ready.
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Wait better yet KVG. - My gf. Haha...Great thing to know..
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You, silly boy.

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