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The BOY is shoved to the ground by the BULLY who laughs manically and kicks dirt in the Boy's face.
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The Bully runs past the Boy who holds the box at his stomach and stares down in it with a giant smile. He takes a look around the schoolyard and the still laughing children. With a sigh of relief he closes the box.
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The Boy rounds a corner and finds himself in a dark unsettling alley. Garbage cans and litter fill the area, the smell repugnant and thick. The Boy checks over his shoulder and continues down the alley way. The fences around are tall and broken, the wood rotting with age and lack of care. Behind him he hears the bicycle clicking and ducks behind a pile of trash. The Bully rides by the alleyway on the Boy's blue bike. The Boy winces in pain as he picks himself up from behind the pile of trash. He pulls out from the pile a small white closed box. With some curiosity he takes the lid off and finds a small red button inside the box. He examines the box over on all sides, not able to figure out what the button does. He flexes his hand and extends his finger towards the small red button. His finger is almost on it when suddenly a violent bark and growl comes from in front of him. A dog springs towards the chain link fence gnarling its teeth and barking ferociously. The boy falls backwards and sprints off down the alleyway.
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