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SCP 682 must be destroyed as soon as possible. 682 had been tracked by the foundation, and as the situation got out of hand, they had no choice but to intervene and capture the subject.

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Sit down and shut up, I'll let you know if I need some bullshit comment.
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What the hell is THAT?
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In the foreground, soldiers begin to bag Dave's body. The two suits begin to walk towards 682, as his frozen half destroyed body is lifted piece by piece onto various transportation vehicles.
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The soldier runs past him and several more do. Suddenly a helicopter flies overhead. Dave stares as an enourmous house sized 682 begins to battle with the helicopter. 682 grows a long spidery limb and grapples with the helicopter, two more appear and they begin to spray 682 with a fluid. Ground soldiers begin to fire various weapony at him. 682 roars in anger and is slowly taken down.
ColemanSurratt edited dialogue in "INT.FARMHOUSE KITCHEN-(NIGHT)" on 10/25/2010. ColemanSurratt made 102 other changes. more
We'll trap it. We can lure it into the cellar, that'll hold it until Bill gets back. There's only one exit, so it'll be easy to take shots at it if it tries to escape.

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