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Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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tarakline edited an action in "Someone's There" on 03/10/2014. tarakline made 44 other changes. more
In a MEDIUM SHOT, she turns around swiftly. With her back turned to the camera, we see over her shoulder that the figure is GONE. Slowly, the girl turns back around and continues to her car, clearly shaken. She makes her way to her car off-screen. The girl enters her car and starts the engine.
tarakline added a transition in "Someone's There" on 12/06/2013. tarakline made 21 other changes. more
tarakline edited an action in "Waking up" on 12/05/2013. tarakline made 29 other changes. more
The girl sits at her counter in a LONG SHOT, eating quietly and alone.
tarakline added an action in "Starting the Day" on 12/05/2013. tarakline made 25 other changes. more
CLOSE UP of the radio buttons of the car stereo. The girl switches between all of the stations.

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