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The Collective (title tentative) is a psychological, sci-fi thriller set in a not too far off future society where the flow of information, and the vast network of electronic communication has been controlled by the state in an attempt to censor humanity's past. The only hope in restoring and reclaiming thousands of years worth of human knowledge lies in a underground network known as "The Collective".

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Valuable. Indeed.
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(starts to stagger after STEVE)
Hey! You can't run away from me! Get back here! GET BACK HERE!
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ALLEN walks away. STEVE looks around to ensure no one is looking. he picks up the satchel. We see typed manuscripts and a wad of cash in the bag. STEVE takes out a note. It reads: "There's a lot more $ where that came from. Cherry St. Info. House #27. And remember friend, those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything..."
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