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This is a summary of the most influential and interesting cults of the 19th century.

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as you have seen, many strange cults popped up during the 19th century. Some were harmful to society and caused unneeded pain and suffering. Others preached new ideas of tolerance and kindness. They provided a platform for the improvement of society, far before society was ready for such advancements. I am Mr. Pastor, and thank you, heathens, for watching:
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cults of the 19th century!
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Yes, see there's this wonderful idea I had called complex wives. Instead of those silly one man- one woman marriages, everyone is married to everyone else! This way, nobody gets jealous. We also said that men were equal to women, so our girls cut their hair short and wore pantaloons. They worked out in the fields right alongside us men. Sadly, everybody hated me and my people for these ideas, so they kicked us out of town in 1847. We moved to Oneida, and over the next thirty years flourished!
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instead of our usual grading system, we are going to propose another disclaimer:The definition of a cult is: a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous. During the early years of Mormonism, they were a very small religious group. Their views were also seen as extreme enough to chase them into Ohio. However, according to modern standards, Mormonism is no longer a cult, as its views have been more widely accepted, and it currently has millions of followers world wide. Every religion-- including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism-- were once small cults that eventually grew to what they are today. There is no shame in using the world cult when it’s use is historically accurate.
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3 ascension robes out of 10 on the awesomeness scale. When people stopped working because they thought the world was going to end, it ended up wreaking havoc on the tiny villages of America. However, because they were so adamant that we were all going to die, they get a weirdness rating of 9 flying Jesuses out of 10.

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