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Dark Immortal Premise

The Dark Immortal is the continuing epic struggle of good vrs. evil, light vrs. darkness. This historical fiction set in the 1400 spans the globe from Northern Europe to the distant Himalayas. Set against the backdrop of dark ages during the Ottoman Wars and the fall of Constantinople the story follows the journey of Vladimir Țepeș and Thorin Verdox brought together to recover an ancient artifact for a world on the brink of destruction. Together leading a troop of knights of the Constantines elite guard they venture into the darkest heart of Africa only to discover that the hope of empires is an unimaginable evil with the power to twist the valiant hearts of heroes to the blackness beyond the grave. Forced to flee the undead horrors of the fallen, one broken man must unravel the mysteries of the past, trek the world's’ highest peaks and pierce the very veil of shangri la. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance as prophecies unfold in the shadow of the rise of the Dark Immortal.

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