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It's 35108
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What is it?
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gun shop owner
Well duh, you've talked about it for months now. You got the money?
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I honestly want to die so badly. This isn't a joke, this isn't dialogue for the play, this is a legitimate cry for help. I'm most likely going to kill myself after I get into college and I can emotional distance myself from my friends and family. I even know exactly how I want to kill myself. I want to jump from a very tall building in the city, neon surrounding the cityscape. I jump and fall to the final notes of American Dream by LCD Soundsystem. I keep my mind as empty as possible. I don't want to think about anything. I just want to embrace the wind and lights, the notes swelling through my ears. I'll leave an apology note.
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tyler (reading to himsel
So I'm in some random starbucks in the middle of downtown Las Vegas typing this out for reasons that are beyond me. I guess that if I die I want at least someone to know what happened to me. You're probably getting the impression that I am scared for my life, but you would be completely wrong. In fact I'm having the most fun I've ever had; this is by far the best game I've ever played. Now enough of my babbling, let me indulge you on why I hired a hitman on myself.

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