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A criminal organization know as "The Knights of Queens" own and operate an extensive drug ring that stretches to outreaching suburbs. TKQ uses a machine that enables them to switch bodies with other people, which they do in order to commit crimes or get their competition caught.

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MaximillianIves edited dialogue in "Louis's Turn" on 12/07/2013. more
Louis (Ben)
What the hell is going on? What's wrong with my eyes? Where am I? Why are you here? Why are my damn arms tied down.
MaximillianIves edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 11/19/2013. MaximillianIves made 28 other changes. more
Two friends sit across from each other at a small table. Two wires are hooked on to both shoulders of each person, which is connected to THE DAZE MACHINE. ANDREW (18), a small, boy, sits staring and smiling broadly at his hands, mesmerized. LOUIS (19), a rugged, blind, man wearing aviators, sits opposite of Andrew looking around back and forth.
MaximillianIves added an action in "Last Daze" on 11/18/2013. MaximillianIves made 29 other changes. more
Louis struggles harder against his restraints. He fights and fights , thrashes and thrashes, and falls to the ground. He hits his head on the knife's blade. It cuts him on the face. Louis YELLS in pain. Struggling, he scoots himself while tied up in the chair. His hand is in line with the knife and grabs it. He feverishly cuts the ropes tied to him and gets up.
MaximillianIves added an action in "Last Daze" on 11/16/2013. MaximillianIves made 78 other changes. more
Andrew is fiddling with a new phone, looking at the news. 84 tally marks lie underneath the phone. The Daze is all set up and Louis is in the chair again, bound.
MaximillianIves added an action in "Louis's Turn" on 11/16/2013. MaximillianIves made 26 other changes. more
Louis's (Ben Andrews's) eyes snap open "seeing" his legs. He tries to rubs his eyes. He looks up and around.

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