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Texas Blackjack Champion, Trouble Holloway attends a local widow's garage sale in search of vintage gambling memorabilia. The widow gives Trouble a box of her missing husband's possessions. Once he opens the box, he finds a mysterious deck of cards with evil symbols on them. After he gets home, he puts away all of his new belongings and starts playing with the deck of cards when he hears a knock on the door. A dark stranger stands at the door inquiring about the mysterious deck of cards. Trouble hesitantly allows the stranger to enter his home once the stranger offers him an intriguing proposition. The stranger challenges the blackjack champion to a game for the ultimate prize....his soul. If Trouble wins, he gains wealth beyond his wildest dreams. If he loses however, the mysterious stranger would take ownership of Trouble's soul.

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INT. (Fade in)Ext-day- garage sale
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Fresh off of his most recent tournament victory,Texas Blackjack Champion Trouble Holloway, attends a charity garage sale for a local widow. Trouble stumbles across a box filled with vintage gambling memorabilia. He grabs an old casino chip from the box and flips it in the air as the widow, Carrie, approaches.
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Timothy deals the cards from the deck in a circle around Trouble and Carrie. He takes a massive ceremonial blade and guts Carrie, then Trouble. He finally stabs himself falling to the ground. After laying motionless for a few minutes, Timothy body rises. He looks at his body as though it was his first time seeing it, then lets out a maniacal laugh.
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Hi friend. How you feeling? You've already met my whore of a wife Carrie. She sends me to jail, then tries to sell my cherished belongings. The nerve of some bitches, huh?

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