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On one normal BORING day, Emily, Evan, and Eli are in the car, when a car gets off his lane, and crashes into the car. The Trio then wakes up in the middle of the Arizona Desert, or so they think. Strange Happenings. Paul McCartney comes in as Harry Potter to tell the kids J.B Warlock comes to destroy them with his super sonic high pitched voice. Celeberites are Evil Vs. Good. Video Games come to life. Charlie the Unicorn has come to case that the other Unicorns are trying to kill him, slowly and joyfully. Rick Astley will make his Comeback. Welcome To Fantasy Land, the sign said. How can We come home?!

The Illogic will fry your brain.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Teen Weekly? Honestly, Eli, I think you go on that laptop of yours too much.
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