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Quick pitch

The first season of the elementals follows them before and during their training. It introduces us to each elemental and gets us close to all of them. There are many secrets that the world of elementals holds and this is only the start.
The elementals are a team of teenagers who have unique elemental abilities and powers that have been past down through generations and the masters of the light must bring them together to save them from the impending doom of the planet.
About 30 minutes per episode. Each scene is an episode.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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INT. Int: temple of yōso
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INT. Int: temple of
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Felicity V.O.
Previously on the Elementals, we all unlocked our elemental powers from some sort of event. Everyone then received a letter from an unknown place that lead us here where we met the Sensei, they told us that we were descendants of great powerful people called elementals and that we were destined for great things. But when we first went in to battle we thought they had lied to us. One small thing got turned into a big fight and now we don't trust each other anymore. We can only hope that, for the world's sake, we come together and work as a team. And now on the Elementals.
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Jason becomes a human match stick and lights on fire quickly, he then takes off. David follows behind by just boosting himself off the ground and manipulating the air around him. Francis follows him by hovering for a bit casting sound waves beneath him then he takes off. Karl just starts to float up really quickly and then the camera follows Billy. Time starts to slow down and lightning is coming off of Billy's back as he runs up Gary's leg. Fire and explosions and gun fire is going everywhere but Billy dodges that all really easily. Time then goes back to normal and the camera watches Billy speed off. The camera then falls down to the ground where the rest of team are and joins in on their fight. Felicity sticks her hands up and aims them at some more footmen, water then starts spraying out of her hands and she knocks them over. Johnny sticks up his arms and all of the guns come towards him, he then aims them in mid-air at the Footmen. Alistair then goes for Gary's feet by bringing crystals up out of the ground and Rita ties some vines around Gary's legs as well. Felicity then turns around and lifts up her hands as some plants and trees wrap around Gary's gigantic grey legs. Johnny then uses his metal powers and puts a barrier around the rest of the team while still defending them. The camera then joins Jason as he fly's up and swerves around Gary's head, he then shoots some fire balls at him and then the camera joins Billy. He runs down the monsters arm and hurls a massive blot of electricity at it's head. It stuns him for a millisecond. Francis then teleports next to David on a floating rock and blasts soind waves at the back of its head. David is blasting the monster with wind. Karl then floats past and projects a beam of plasma at its forehead. A hole rips through the monster but it quickly heals. Suddenly a flash of light consumes the screen and when it normalizes the monster is just ash. Evryone is lying on the ground blinded and dazed for a moment.
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