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I've been looking into a little cabin a ways away from here, up in the Catskills. I fancy I'll furnish a little study for myself with a window that looks right out on the field outside. And I'll write. God, will I write. I'll write like I haven't written in years. A man picks up a pen and finds what he wrote the world's best-selling book of all time. Imagine what he can do with a Macbook...
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But you can do it, can't you? You're Vulcan, by Jove!
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John (CONT'D)
I cannot thank you enough for this— what are you called down here?
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It's an eternity alright. Ever been to the Paradise, New Zealand? Now that's paradise.
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Both John and Mari turn to see a man running towards them. The man is dressed in an officer's uniform, presumably a bridge safety official, and carries a look of dire emergency. As he runs up to the pair; a brief shot of his name tag that reads Peter.

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