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You've done it! The Balance has been restored! Oh, thank God!
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My name is John. I'm a writer.
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As the minuscule tear grows John cringes at the very sight of it. Marigold shows no sign of stopping. John's point-of-view is seen and in it the atmosphere begins to turn a darker hue. A faint rumbling is heard and a window shatters. The floor seems to give the impression of shaking and a crack rends itself into an adjacent wall. Marigold is oblivious to any of these goings on as they only exist in John's perception. The tear has grown to a few inches now and, trembling, John gives out.
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Marigold is awoken by a knocking at her door. After finding her bearings, she puts the Enchiridion down and gets up to answer the door. When she opens the door she is met face to face with a tall, bespectacled man in a prim black suit and matching fedora.
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