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Jonas and Gabriel are found by an old housekeeper, Anita, who takes them and takes care of them. When Jonas is healed and is okay, he goes back to the community. He sees that the community has taken out Sameness. He talks with Lily and Fiona. They tell him that Asher died, because he couldn’t take the pain, and the Giver was the last one to do Release. After some time, the community became used to the memories, and they changed the way it worked.

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Philippef edited dialogue in "The Leaving" on 05/02/2014. more
(explains while eating cereal)
I'm not taking Gabriel with me, so it will be easier. I'll leave him with you. I know it's risky, but I need to know what happens!
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They all nodded and continued walking, knowing that from then on things would o just fine.
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Are you sure?
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Dad died from grief, because of what he was doing to the children. Then mom was so in love with Dad that she killed herself to be with him. It is surprising what they did for love when they didn't even believe in it.
fanc added dialogue in "Back in the community" on 04/23/2014. more
(surprised and hugs Fiona)
Fiona, it is you! I couldn't recognize you! You changed so much. And yeah I survived. I would cool myself and Gabriel down, so the Searchers don't find us. Anyway, we got to Elsewhere, and it was amazing! The people were so different and amazing, but I had to come back.

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