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Henry land in the complex (The Walls) full of soldiers and the boss jerome,henry planned to escape the walls and get back to his house,could he escape from the walls without jerome catching him? or he will stay in the walls forever

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Aemil added a transition in "To Escape The Slaves" a year ago. Aemil made 37 other changes. more
Aemil added an action in "Ready For The Fun Part?" a year ago. Aemil made 16 other changes. more
Henry drink the invincibility potion
Aemil added dialogue in "Ready For The Fun Part?" a year ago. Aemil made 28 other changes. more
Okay let's do this
Aemil added dialogue in "The Escape Was Awesome,But Could The Next One Be?" a year ago. Aemil made 41 other changes. more
Oh no they are gonna check me,and they'll find me,i need to escape fast

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