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Oliver Dean is 16 years old and what you would call a stereotypical, arrogant, egotistical, bigoted, close minded, rich kid, with his gorgeous eyes, killer smile, designer shirts, with a new pair of Jordans every other day.
After an incident at school Oliver's English teacher think the it is a good idea to create a project for him.
In order to pass the class Oliver has to write a paper putting himself in someone else's shoes, and showing both sides to a story not just his.
Will 15 year old Tyler Avery be the one that helps him ace this paper or will Oliver fail and lose probably one of the most amazing people he's ever met?

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

This project's owner invites everyone to work on this project! Collaboration-ville or bust!

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IsaAlessandra edited dialogue in "How Could You!?" a year ago. more
You should have thought of that before, before you said I was a burden, before you opened your mouth. Newsflash "Babe" i was really starting to like you.
Bellibear edited dialogue in "How Could You!?" a year ago. Bellibear made 2 other changes. more
fine if thats whats you want
Bellibear edited dialogue in "Im Partners With Who?!" a year ago. Bellibear made 20 other changes. more
Hello Oliver. Aren't you just so excited about us working together.
Bellibear edited an action in "I'm going home early" a year ago. Bellibear made 17 other changes. more
They get to Theo room and sit on the ground and start to work.
notaustin edited dialogue in "Let's Get to Work" a year ago. notaustin made 16 other changes. more
Well I guess we're done for today, how bout tomorrow after school same time?

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