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My Individual Project for a film course I am taking in school, It's about a random man that adds the hero on facebook from the future to warn him of things to come

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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madbattlecry edited an action in "Part 3: The Things unwind" on 01/03/2009. more
Suddenly a girl drops down on the coach close to him, her presence is clearly not appreciated, and she is pushing Thomas closer and closer to his end of the coach. She is smiling with a hint of sneer while Thomas looks to be in pain. Her name is stacey and she is the girl that it crushing on Thomas, and tonight she is DRUNK out of her mind.
anniebrookie commented on the scene "Part 5: FIN." on 01/01/2009. more
Booyah! I like it! :D
But I think Stacey should be really drunk. Or at least act like she is.
madbattlecry added an action in "Part 5: FIN" on 12/28/2008. madbattlecry made 23 other changes. more
madbattlecry added an action in "Part 3: The Things unwind" on 12/28/2008. madbattlecry made 13 other changes. more
Thomas races of the coach, down the hallway after Annie. Stacy is left on the floor. Clearly upset.
madbattlecry added dialogue in "Part 3: The Things unwind" on 12/25/2008. madbattlecry made 29 other changes. more
Hey Thomas, great party eh? Haven't seen your other side yet, what happen? You finally get that operation to remove that growth?

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