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Quick pitch

A feature film/play on the history of time travel

Project Type: Television (5 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Yurik and Eadbald
Now seeing the look of amusement and learning these two humble actors out now must by hurrying Thank you for staying and watching our play please applaud as we leave and don't call us gay.
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We are off, again flying through a dimensional fold Tracing back to our remembered lives in the old. *The distortion ends and the two stumble* But now we are here, and we are safe I bet. Why do I feel we're not through here yet?
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*turning towards eadbald but not facing him directly. Talking about the time machine but also still not looking at it.* What friend have you now conjured? which metal idol has now entered? What hath tubes and pipes and parts that spin *Motions to time machine* that grab my eyes and pull them in
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Yurik grabs hold of the rope with eadbald. The machine spins and produces more of the quiet medieval background music. Suddenly a clicking starts a clock spins really fast and the two are sent through time. As they move through time they grab fast the the rope but shake back and forth as they are hurtled through time. Clocks appear and dissapear, colours change, and generally crazy things appear as the two travel to the future. The period music distorts and turns into rock and roll newly released in 1973. The two find themselves in the downtown on a sidewalk. The time machine is on the road. The weather is indeed milder.

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