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The pride of his family, tarnished. His flesh and blood, left for dead and worse.

A gentleman repays his debts.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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The stunning strength behind those words cause MOIRA'S eyes to well with tears and soften with pity for her daughter. So wounded, yet so brave. Unable to speak or meet the eyes of her brother, MOIRA cups her daughter's face in her hand, and leaves them to their business. Taking a sip of the tea, JENNY sighs, as if the liquid did sooth more than just her thirst.
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sheriff mcquinton
It's funny, too. He was as strange a fella I ever met. Maybe strange ain't the right word, but he sure as hell didn't belong. It weren't his clothes, either. No, he dressed like any of those Limey bastards, except he had this mustache. Twirled up at the ends, real classy like. I asked him about it and he told me, "A gentleman always looks his best." I laughed at that, told him war wasn't no place for gentlemen. He laughed right back at me and said, "A gentleman always acts in a manner conforming to the highest ideals, and always befitting the title of "gentleman". Even here."

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