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The girl in the photograph is everywhere. She's in the halls, the bathrooms and classrooms. Her home is in the drama room, inside a small Polaroid kept safely in a book. Everyday when the building is vacant, she comes out and wanders about the school, haunting whoever gets in her way.

Project Type: Short Film

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I was always afraid of people. I wasn't popular like you, didn't have friends that put up with me. I was constantly alone. There was a time when I thought it was me, that I was the reason I had nobody. But then I realized, it was them. It was all them.
(she suddenly changes her gaze and smiles)
The play... When I died. Sarah..she was on the stage when it happened, the lights flickering on and off over my body. She just screamed and ran off the stage, "embarrassed" because she lost her moment in the spotlight.
(her tone rises, becomes more angry)
They all tricked me. Made me think "getting involved" would fix me right up. That I would finally make friends. And look where I am. I am DEAD. They didn't even CARE when I did die, my story became a legend, but just a ghost story that would be retold, jokes being made, people rolling their eyes at my DEATH. And I have to watch them every day. I have to smile in that stupid little photograph, and for who? No one cares!
(She shakily walks towards Emily, her hands above her head)
I've countlessly tried to make a friend, just so they could stay a while and talk. They all got away. They all screamed and ran, but not this time. This time I'm playing all my cards. I don't need to be afraid anymore. I can be what ever I want, do what ever I want. I can bring fear upon the brats that made me feel like nothing, and they would be my prisoners. People like YOU WILL BE. MY. PRISONERS.
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The Prop Ghost peeks from behind the curtain of the stage, watching the girls leave.

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