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Quick pitch

At the top of the hill Jonas and Gabe find a nice little village. They two guards come and take them to their prison for trespassing. After 10 years in the prison they want to escape. As they are escaping there is someone who is willing to help them escape. The man's name is Douglas. Douglas is sent by the Giver. Douglas told them that their community is destroyed. Douglas will only save them if he goes back to the community and get back all the memories.

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14140503 added an action in "Scene 6" on 04/26/2015. 14140503 made 12 other changes. more
GABE, JONAS, DOUGLAS and THE GIVER walk inside the house.
14140503 added an action in "Scene 5" on 04/24/2015. 14140503 made 18 other changes. more
After two hours they find a city.
14140503 added dialogue in "Scene 4" on 04/24/2015. 14140503 made 35 other changes. more
(in a exuberant manner)
Gabe you are ok. I was so worried for you.
14140503 added an action in "Scene 2" on 04/24/2015. 14140503 made 19 other changes. more
DOUGLAS leaves in the morning.
robinsons joined the project! on 04/24/2015. more

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