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Quick pitch

This romantic comedy is about a boy who finds a girl he likes in this modern day society using this generation's social networking. But can he make a dream relationship?

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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DylanJKershaw edited dialogue in "The Bedroom" on 11/17/2013. more
Dylan (CONT'D):
I mean she's amazing and she's the whole package, if you see what I mean, but is it worth going to see her? I mean Brighton is not that far away; is it?
Robotross edited dialogue in "The Bedroom" on 11/17/2013. Robotross made 13 other changes. more
... So after she joined my party on League of Legends, we started talking on Facebook and I've been looking at her pictures, she's... Amazingly pretty and I think I may love her, but how can you tell if you love somebody...?
DylanJKershaw added dialogue in "The Bedroom" on 11/17/2013. DylanJKershaw made 13 other changes. more
I went to Brighton once....
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