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After Roman occupation, pagan invasion and taxes the Jews had enough. The initial success of Jewish forces against the trained and hardened Roman armies astonished the rest of the empire and alarmed Rome. Shortly both Rome and Jerusalem succumbed to civil wars. Once these were over they turned back on each other again in a war with every treachery and atrocity imaginable. This was one of the darkest chapters in human history.

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Four cages of birds are resting on the pavement. One is removed, handled tenderly and fed a pellet. A hand pets it and another hand pulls the bird taut. A knife hacks its head off. The blood splatters the synagogue door. Another bird gets the same. The birds are thrown at the base of a portable bust of a Greek god. Greek gentiles gather and continue sacrifice. The synagogue door opens and two alarmed rabbis enter.
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I guess I need to read the help icon. This is the most awkward, unforgiving, time costly format. What do I have to do to write characters and slug lines? This is better than Word perf.?

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