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INT. int. house-bedroom-day
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You idiot! They're not stupid! This is something worth dying for...
(visibly upset)
Ten years ago, a group that called themselves The Future overthrew the government. They told us that they could save America from its ruin and... we believed them. There was no opposition. About a year later they told us to turn in all of our media: books, newspapers, even TVs. They said that they were going to rewrite history and I guess they did. Almost no one remembers the truth now. Anyone who stood against this were removed from the picture. It was a silent massacre.
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Wait my parents are... Over stupid books!
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What? Who came?
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The room is trashed, clearly ransacked. A bookcase is overturned revealing ripped/burned books. One of the few books not ripped/burned is open to a page that has blood on it.

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