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Andrea Thompson owns one of the greatest businesses in the US: And-son Corporations. Now, after a major economic crisis, Andrea is forced to sell one of her two lots in order to continue her business. However, her daughter, Susan, begs Andrea to keep the lot.
Why? Because of a secret prize- The Leaning Tree...

From the directors of Scrabble Prodigy and Life for Life.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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Well we’ll get to that in a sec,
(reaching into briefcase, pulling out Operation 4.0 files and another file)
Operation 4.0. Operation 4.0 is a program developed by the CIA two years ago to catch terrorists in the US. But the illegal part is that the officers do not need warrants, and can kill anyone at will. They train the officers in the basement of And-Son. Something only the CIA, your mom, and I know about. She TRUSTED ME and told me about it, because, according to these other papers I found in your “mom’s office”, I am next in line if she dies or goes to prison.
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You will suffer!
(moment of silence)
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There is a moment of silence.
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Jerry finds Susan in a neigboring yard, and they fight. Susan knocks the gun out of Jerry's hand, so they both fight unarmed.

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