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Quick pitch

Link and Zelda get into a horrible fight, and Zelda tells Link she wishes he was never born. After getting his feelings hurt, Link meets a Witch named Giselda, who happens to be Zelda's twin sister. She tricks Link into making a deal with the devil. He takes away the day Link was born. Sent to a world where Hyrule is now The Ganon Kingdom. Only two triforces: Power and Wisdom. The triforce of Courage is lost, and soon Link's courage is replaced with fear and cowardliness. Zelda is a recruit in the Hyrulian Resistance. She believes Link is insane. Link finds out there was no such thing as The Hero Of Time, The Triforce of Courage, and The Master Sword without Link. What has he done?

Spirit Tracks
Phantom Hourglass
Ocarina Of Time
Twilight Princess

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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