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In a prairie somewhere in one of the many worlds are three teens. Yozi, Lyea, and Lorenzoi. They are orphans who lived with a farmer their whole lives. Their only hang out is a cave beside a waterfall. One day, Yozi, Lyea, and Lorenzoi find a mysterious leather book written in a unnamed language. Once interpreted, they find out the book is a legend, written in backwards symbols. Researched, the book is actually called: The Legend. (On the cover of the book) It speaks of many different things: Humans that can turn into animals, Medallions that change the weather by emotion, and Different Worlds. One of the most important world is Asniel. Where the Ruler of all of the worlds live. Little do Yozi, Lyea, and Lorenzoi know...The Ruler is just a 14 year old boy named Azeil

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Recent changes

AelitaAngel101 inserted an action in "Escaping The Prairie" on 06/02/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 14 other changes. more
Azeil walks into the sub-pod, and Lorenzoi follows looking around.
AelitaAngel101 deleted dialogue in "Escaping The Prairie" on 06/02/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 10 other changes. more
Oh, look brother. Poor Lorenzoi...alone...how sssssad!
AelitaAngel101 inserted dialogue in "Escaping The Prairie" on 05/22/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 46 other changes. more
Ha, ha. Too bad, boy. "SSSSStay back" Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, guesssss what?
You don't know what you're dealing with.
AelitaAngel101 inserted a slugline in "Escaping The Prairie" on 05/20/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 165 other changes. more
INT. End of Theme song
AelitaAngel101 added dialogue in "The Seven Myths" on 05/02/2010. AelitaAngel101 made 24 other changes. more
Why did you tell him, Yozi?!

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