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Nate had a fight with his brother Jake after he called him a name, and then gets punished by his dad, which makes him feel so ashamed of this incident that he runs away from his family.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Runaway" on 07/16/2012. more
Nate Spidgewood
Stupid Jake. Stupid Dad. Stupid family. I've had it with all of them. Why don't they ever show me so much respect? I mean, they have no right to make life a disaster, because I don't like that. And now I was grounded from video games and computer for seven days. I don't even deserve that. My family doesn't care about me at all, not even my brothers AND my dad. That's why I'm running away from the house for good.
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Runaway" on 07/11/2012. more
Nate Spidgewood
Yeah right. And no, I don't think my family likes me. Let's face it - the fact that Jake always screams at games and argues with Nick is as annoying as unnecessary. Little brothers have got to be the worst brothers of any age in existence! All they do is whine, scream, cry, pound, insult their older siblings, and throw tantrums, which is a very annoying thing to do.
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "The Runaway" on 07/11/2012. NateSpidgewood made 48 other changes. more
Nate Spidgewood
Yes they are, but I don't even have one. Younger siblings always get on people's nerves!
NateSpidgewood edited the scene titled "Nate Apologizes/Home Sweet Home" on 07/10/2012. NateSpidgewood made 30 other changes. more
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