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Quick pitch

Nate had a lot of random dreams – both daydreaming and dreaming at night, but he gives up on all this because he had a nightmare about himself being bitten by wolves.

Project Type: Television (15 min)

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Nate brushes himself off wanders in the forest for a while.
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "Bad Dream" on 03/15/2012. more
Nate Spidgewood
Oh. Well, I had this habit of dreaming, but now it seems as though it got out of hand.
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Nate Spidgewood
Shush! Pipe down, okay?
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The dragon lets Nate go, catches his sword in its mouth, and chews on it. Nate falls down onto the castle's rooftop and his helmet falls off his head. He gets up in exhaustion, holding onto a castle flagpole for a minute. Then he looks up at the dragon and makes fists at it. Suddenly, he hears Dyllan's voice and turns around.
NateSpidgewood edited dialogue in "Medieval Nate" on 02/14/2012. NateSpidgewood made 42 other changes. more
We are sending you on a quest to save the kingdom from the reigns of a diabolic dragon. You must journey with your fellow friends to a black castle where the dragon lives. Good luck.

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