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A man is trapped in the wilderness of a barren wasteland, not knowing what he's pursuing really. As he continues on, he meets a teenage girl, left behind to fend for herself. Together they go on a journey and discover why they ended up together in this wasteland.

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The two walk a bit, doing some small talk, walking about as they do. The camera cuts to a squirrel, going around looking for food and finds a basket, lifted on a stick, attached to a rope. The basket collapses on the squirrel, and the two emerge from under a blanket, covered in snow. Issac runs over to the squirrel and stabs it with a knife, smiling as he does so.
TheGuitarPick added an action in "Introduction - Scene 001" on 12/31/2013. TheGuitarPick made 16 other changes. more
He suddenly hears a branch crack, and some other noises. He looks forward, past the fire he has built, and into the dark. He continues to hear noise, coming closer and closer towards him. He feels for his pack, and picks up an revolver. He un-clips the barrel and looks down. One bullet, this is all he has left. He looks up once more and points the gun. Suddenly, nothing but a dog comes into the view, and walks around the fire and sniffs him. He sighs in relief and puts the gun back in his pack. He sits still as the dog continues to sniff a bit, then goes on his way. Issac turns and watches for a bit, and finally lies down, ready to sleep. As he watches the fire slowly go out, his eyes get tighter and tighter and he falls to his slumber.

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