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News Caster
Hello this is newscaster Mathew Mabeo reporting from channel 3 action news. It's now week 2 of the great stand off that has been rattling the suburban streets of Metro Detroit. Mass chaos has arose over the citizens. The United states Congress has ordered 1000 US Army reserve troops to fight off the growing threat that came from above. Canada. The Central Intelligence Agency has come to a conclusion that the attackers are actually not Canadian but mercenaries that came through via the tunnel and literally decimating everyone in their way. Further news on the status will be released as soon as it comes out. Thank you
TheCrypticFilmCrew edited an action in "The News" on 12/20/2008. more
Bryan gets up and flicks on the TV to watch tv. All of a sudden the action news comes on to tell what is happening.
TheCrypticFilmCrew added an action in "The blog" on 12/10/2008. TheCrypticFilmCrew made 9 other changes. more
Screen blacks out
TheCrypticFilmCrew added an action in "The News" on 12/09/2008. TheCrypticFilmCrew made 8 other changes. more
When the bulletin ends bryan switches the TV off.
TheCrypticFilmCrew created this project! on 12/08/2008. more

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