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A Magic Cave off the coast of Hawaii is discovered by a man who tries to harness it's powers! The mermaids who found it first struggle to keep it a secret!

Project Type: Short Film

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ClassOfMrChris edited an action in "Sunburst's Beaches" on 10/08/2013. more
Sunburst continues her path down the beach. As she walks, she stumbles across a small hole near the coastline.
ClassOfMrChris edited an action in "The Big Day" on 10/06/2013. more
The groups from the beach take back to the water and do everything they can to get Ally back on her board. Once they do, the Mermaid girls finish their routine and the crowd applauds both the incredible performance and the daring rescue!
ClassOfMrChris edited dialogue in "Shopping Mermaids" on 10/06/2013. more
YOUR competition!?
ClassOfMrChris edited dialogue in "Three Teams Practice" on 09/02/2013. ClassOfMrChris made 8 other changes. more
Okay, okay, so we won't use it to win, but I still want to get some new features! I bet I'd look pretty cool with a huge pair of grizzly bear arms swinging at my side! Or, I could go for some badger's claws, and dig a huge underground hide-away for peace and quiet!
ClassOfMrChris edited dialogue in "Mom's New Kitchen" on 08/30/2013. ClassOfMrChris made 32 other changes. more
Elizabeth & Serena

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