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In the story of ‘ The Man and His Mirror’ A middle aged man invites a homeless man into his home, only to wake up and find that the homeless man has taken his place and is convinced he has always lived there. The man conceives a plot to kill this imposter, only to find out that it is in fact himself, in the life before his drink driving cause him to crash a car that killed his family. He is killed by his alternate self, but wakes up to find it was only a dream.

The story itself explores the effects of drink driving as it can lead to deaths of loved ones. It also explores the ideas of the subconscious, the alter ego, and dreams, where a man is forced to face both the successful, and failure versions of himself as he submits himself into his own nightmare. He remembers the life he once had before it all went wrong, while creating a warped world in which his older self has now taken over his role in the family, ultimately highlighting how drinking and driving has changed his life completely.

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