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After saving a seizing woman from being pummeled by a subway train, blind lawyer Matt Murdoch is reveled as a hero and cited in the newspapers as "The Daredevil" for risking his life to save the woman's. The newspapers pester but eventually, the initial fame fades away with all but a few people who hold true to the idea of a superhero. A biographer named Stanley James stalks Matt, while a serial killer named Lester "Bulls-eye" Carter fantasizes about killing a superman. All the while Matt, Franklin Foggy Nelson (Matt's law partner, superior in intelligence but less than in the performance), and Karen Page (the law firm's beloved secretary) are determined to prove senator Melvin "the Gladiator" Potter is not a murderer.

Matt, who feels guilty for the death of his father "Battlin' Jack" Murdoch, periodically trains in a mixture of kick-boxing, French cane fighting, and jujitsu. He is in incredibly good shape. He's a gymnastic and parkour expert, being trained by his personal trainer, only known as Stick. Mathew has a messiah complex, feeling a mixture of guilt and a need to save people, despite the risks to his own well-being.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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LESTER LEE aka BULLS-EYE (33) a serial killer watches the little television on his desk. He has the tattoo of a target on his face. When he hears about "the Daredevil", his face lights up with joy. In his left hand, he performs knife tricks, such as flipping it.
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INT. int. subway station - day
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