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a gang has stolen an item of interest, and a contractor hires an expert.. no a master team to get it back... this gang is like nothing the team has faced before, and it will challenge their skills at what they do for a living.

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antignisvex edited dialogue in "MASTER TEAM vs GANG LORD" on 06/22/2014. antignisvex made 16 other changes. more
gang lord
oh you don't understand... its an essential part to the building of my greatest creation.. and once i deal with you three... i can reach heights and powers that are greater than ALL of the most powerful beings COMBINED.
antignisvex edited dialogue in "PISTOL vs GANGBOSS2" on 06/21/2014. antignisvex made 18 other changes. more
yes it was VERY, VERY fun.
antignisvex edited dialogue in "PISTOL vs GANGBOSS2" on 06/21/2014. antignisvex made 11 other changes. more
gang boss2
...oh i see... very cunning... well i truly have to say that this was quite an experience.. way different than my usual victims.
antignisvex edited an action in "BLADE vs GANGBOSS1" on 06/21/2014. antignisvex made 6 other changes. more
epic standoff between BLADE and BOSS1. BOSS1 starts the clash by jumping forward with one of his swords in hand. he stabs, and BLADE dodges.
legendsofbeyond edited dialogue in "INTRO" on 06/04/2014. legendsofbeyond made 4 other changes. more
Oh great. Just saying, this task is very difficult. I have already sent dozens of other teams, and they never came back, not even to refuse the deal.

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