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Quick pitch

Dankie McMeme is a unworldly 16 year old who is obsessed with the unobtainable dream of discovering the lost dank memes. On his death bed, her grandfather gives her a treasure map and tells her about the legend of the Rarest Pepe. She decides to run away to look for the Rarest Pepe. However, the evil Baxter de Feelz has other plans. On her journey, she meets Oyler Takley, an old man who says that he can help her find the hidden realm of the memes called Umblrt. When they finally reach Umblrt, Oyler drowns in a pit of social justice that the ancient Umbrtinas had set. Dankie must must go alone. When Dankie finally reaches the Temple of the Rarest Pepe, she is accosted by de Feelz' memeioms. When all hope is lost, she is rescued by Oyler. They escape and decide that the Rarest Pepe should be left untouched. It is only when they return home that Oyler reveals that Dankie was the Rarest Pepe all along.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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badwolf01 edited dialogue in "Scene Cinco" two years ago. badwolf01 made 6 other changes. more
There's no time to explain. We need to escape!
badwolf01 edited dialogue in "Scene Cuatro" on 05/17/2015. badwolf01 made 35 other changes. more
Dankie (MONO)
Then something caught my eye. A plaque, on the ground. Engraved were the words "Hello Dankie."
jankityphresh edited an action in "Scene Ses" on 05/16/2015. jankityphresh made 2 other changes. more
Dankie and Oyler walk out of the tent proudly. A memeion spots them.
badwolf01 deleted dialogue in "Scene Cero (desk meme thing)" on 05/15/2015. badwolf01 made 48 other changes. more
I have to find... I have to find the rarest Pepe...
jankityphresh inserted an action in "Scene Cero (desk meme thing)" on 05/14/2015. jankityphresh made 9 other changes. more
Dankie sits at a desk with her head in her hands. The desk is covered in memes, as are the walls and the rest of the room. A clock ticks ominously.

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