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With this script, I'm attempting to translate Flannery O' Connor's tale "A Good Man is Hard to Find" to the screen. Since it's a short story, I expect the script to fit into the "short film" genre. The budget is extremely low; with this in mind, I wish to create a film that captures the tone, the essence of Ms. O' Connor. Simple. Effective. Emotive.

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The misfit:
See them woods, you two? [Camera cuts to some woods a little ways off in the distance] We'll hide ourselves in there. I believe there's a roadaways on the other side. If we's lucky enough, maybe we'll find us some folk willin' to lend us a helpin' hand.
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Man to his right begins to chuckle half-heartedly. He's a skinny fella with a confused face and a five o' clock shadow. He doesn't seem to have his wits about him, basically just goes along with the plan. In fact, he doesn't know why he's laughing.
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