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Quick pitch

Three people sneak into an abandoned hospital. One girl is a sceptic, the other two believe in ghosts. They reach the morgue, and the two believers become even more scared. The sceptic laughs at the other two when they are frightened by a rat. She hears his friends laughing along with him. She imagines that they have become skeptics too. As she turns to look, but he finds that his friends are in fact not laughing, they are scared stiff. But the laughing continues.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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phaisal91 joined the project! on 08/26/2014. more
oliverwolfson edited an action in "The morgue" on 08/25/2014. oliverwolfson made 2 other changes. more
She looks under the tables and stops when she see a rat run through a hole in the wall.
thomaswanhoff added an action in "The morgue" on 08/21/2014. thomaswanhoff made 1 other comment and 11 other changes. more
oliverwolfson edited dialogue in "Outside the building" on 08/20/2014. oliverwolfson made 11 other changes. more
But the ghosts of those who died here never leave, so it's not completely abandoned.
thomaswanhoff added an action in "Inside the building" on 08/20/2014. thomaswanhoff made 29 other changes. more
At the end of the hallway they reach the morgue.

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