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The city of Liston looks like a normal scene. Normal people, normal things, it's rather mainstream.
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Camera 'comes out' of a monitor DOWN LOW in the high-tech surveillance room. Various silhouettes with rectangle hats heads look at the monitors and whisper quietly to each other. Sounds of computers audible in background, ominous music begins to play.
mrfishie edited dialogue in "The Encounter" a year ago. more
Narrator (CONT'D)
They search and they hunt, a pointless pursuit, until they give up, with no chance to shoot. But rest assured, he is still en route, for he has another parcel - this time a fruit.
mrfishie edited dialogue in "The Encounter" a year ago. mrfishie made 3 other changes. more
Narrator (CONT'D)
Mister E runs, quiet and slick, but no matter how fast, they are too quick. They chase him and chase him, they shrink the yardstick, but pretty soon, he is gone with a trick.
mrfishie added dialogue in "Narrator outro" a year ago. mrfishie made 26 other changes. more
And that, my friend, is the story of the Mysterious Mister E.

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