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Quick pitch

A story adaptation of The Necklace by Guy du Maupassant :D
English IV school project

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Oh, your sister lent it to me.
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The story I'm about to tell you is not a happy one. It tells the story of regret and choices. Of 'what-if's' and 'what-would-have-been's'. It starts one bright afternoon at the Loisel household. Mathilda is one of those pretty and charming girls born and had always aspired for fancy things. Though her husband Charles is a mere carpenter who couldn't afford the luxury she craves, he does love her very much and does everything to make her happy. Until one day...
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INT. the necklace adaptation
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How strange life is, how fickle! How little is needed to ruin or to save! How uncertain, how unsure. Until all we're left with is 'what if's' and regrets. And dreams of what might have been.
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Genevieve gives Mathilda a spiked drink which causes her to feel dizzy.

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