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Roman works for a company that is paid to give the news others can't. No matter the reason, time, or method.

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AuroraX added dialogue in "INTRO" a year ago. AuroraX made 4 other changes. more
I'm gonna be a dad- to the next Mia Hamm. I'm going to every Olympics.
AuroraX added an action in "INTRO" a year ago. more
Jessica is in her car driving. She already has a passenger
AuroraX added a slugline in "INTRO" a year ago. more
INT. int. jessica's car- day
AuroraX edited an action in "INTRO" a year ago. more
A group of people are posing for a picture. One of them is facing the wrong direction. "THE NOBODY" displays on the screen. The words disappear as Jessica walks by. She is checking her phone. Her work assignments appear for us to see. "4 people near you are in need of a ride" She selects one and an address pops up. "4410 Vesper Dr." She puts her phone in her pocket and gets into her car.
Trissy added a comment to The Nobody- 2 a year ago. more
It is very good so far. Would you mind checking out my script the invasion. And telling me what you think.

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