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JackHowse inserted dialogue in "Sam and Ian" on 01/12/2012. JackHowse made 2 other changes. more
He always got annoyed when people would "copy" him. There was this one time, right, where we were watching Dr Who that new doctor took over... erm... Matt Smith? Well, Sam loved Dr Who. You can imagine how heart-breaking it was when this new guy came along wearing a bow tie. And braces. Sam was shouting at the scream, "No! No, bow tie's aren't cool! THEY AREN'T COOL!"
JackHowse added an action in "Sam and Ian" on 01/08/2012. JackHowse made 21 other changes. more
He holds them both up, torn between the two. Eventually he chooses the plain shirt.
JackHowse edited a slugline in "Sam and Ian" on 01/07/2012. JackHowse made 37 other changes. more
INT. ext. Outside sam's house - day
JackHowse added dialogue in "Football Scene" on 01/06/2012. JackHowse made 32 other changes. more
I'm playing left back.

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