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There are two screenplays for your movie called "Life". The "Original Screenplay" that is written by God, The Infinite Filmmaker which is perfect, whole and complete and the "Secondary Screenplay" that is written by you which is full of lack, limitations and disappointments.

I am inviting you to read this ongoing screenplay and learn from my example how you too can use spiritual laws and principles to create the life you desire.

My "comments" throughout the screenplay will give you insight into how these principles can change your life.

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INT. my comments: Jennifer and I have an ongoing joke where i try to get jack to poop in a bag, so that i don't have to pick it up. when he is alone with me he is fine with it, but sometimes i think jennifer, projecting her own emotions onto it, makes him get all weird about it. being able to SEE this helps me to realize just how much influence we have on our environment as a result of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Ralph Waldo Emerson refers to us as "endogenous beings" meaning that everything proceeds from within... everything that we experience is derived internally and becomes our experience in life. think about how much your thoughts, feelings and emotions are controlling your environment... alter those and you alter the movie of your life!
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INT. MY Comments: I have come to realize that everything I am treating for is already done in the mind of the Infinite Filmmaker. So when I pray for something like the desire to have more interviews on my website, the universe is already conspiring to bring that to me by lining up the right people places and things that will make it easy to acquire it. The email I received over a month ago, the phone call from my coach, and the video interview with Derek were already in place, but I couldn't see it because I was blocked by my belief in lack. It wasn't until I broke through that consciousness of lack that I could receive all of my Good

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