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A mob in Pelham's underworld is increasing in power. Little Zach has always wanted to be apart of organized crime but is one of the few that doesn't know about this mob... until one day he is approached.

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Rob gangster
Word on the street is that you are quit the little trouble maker. Always stealing and getting into fights?
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For the rest of my life I never went back to that town. It turns out the Italians had no clue I had a part in the murder. I'm glad I got out when I did though. When I first arrived in California I knew I had to go to the FBI. They flew my mom out and gave us both new names and stories. I ended up graduation high school and getting a part scholarship to UCLA. After college I became a big business man making enough money to have whatever I would want.
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Older zach
When I grew up watching movies like Scarface, Goodfellas, and Casino, I knew what I wanted to do and what I had to do. Become a real gangster. Guns, girls, and glory. At age 4 I was already hustling kids for there candy and was the top dog. That was before I had even seen these movies, it was just in my blood. I knew what I had to do to become known in my town as a person you should fear. After a few little crimes I got known in my town as a bad ass by the yuppies who feared any type of crime. Then I was approached.
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Zach punches the person in the face, throughs them down, and keeps kicking them until he loses his breath. He then finishes his line and pulls out his gun and fires 4 rounds into the downed target.

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