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Quick pitch

A desperate for love girl goes on a blind date. Her date is everything any woman would want as the "perfect" man. She falls head-over-heels for the guy instantly. At the end of the date, she is coursed to go home with him. After arriving to his mansion, she realizes this guy is not the guy she thought he was. He ends up being a serial killer and she is his next victim.

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Recent changes

Kfunk4 added a slugline in "The Mansion" on 07/05/2013. more
INT. Ext. Mansion - outfront - night
Kfunk4 added an action in "In the car" on 07/05/2013. Kfunk4 made 19 other changes. more
Grace moves into his crotch.
Kfunk4 added an action in "Saying goodnight....maybe?" on 07/04/2013. Kfunk4 made 43 other changes. more
She grabs his hand and sits down in car.
Kfunk4 added a transition in "On Date" on 07/04/2013. more
Kfunk4 added an action in "On Date" on 07/04/2013. Kfunk4 made 3 other changes. more
Waiter sits them down.

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