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MaigraBeltran17 edited an action in "Basketball Court" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 2 other changes. more
Mark and Phil stand and face off as Andrew throws up the ball and the game begins.
MaigraBeltran17 deleted the scene "Basketball Court" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 4 other changes. more
MaigraBeltran17 edited the scene titled "Locker Room" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 5 other changes. more
MaigraBeltran17 added an action in "Basketball Court" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 62 other changes. more
Andrew looks down at the white t-shirt to see the now visible pink bra showing through. He slowly looks up and sees the dumbfounded looks of his friends, knowing everything had changed.
mullinax104781 edited an action in "Basketball Court" on 10/05/2014. mullinax104781 made 57 other changes. more
They check up at the top of the three point line on the court. They begin playing three on three and as one team scores they taunt each other back and forth.

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