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Screen adaption of "The Father of Death" by The Protomen

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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A first person view looking down. The case is placed on a podium with an embedded clock. The case is opened. Its contents are a reflection of the man it belongs to. 3 perfectly sharpened pencils sit next to 3 pens. A stack of index cards with elegantly written notes sit in the middle. The cards are removed and placed on the table. The camera slightly shits up and the case is close to reveal a room full of reporters. The case is then taken off the desk.
Astro_Zombie edited an action in ""The Hounds"" on 09/13/2010. Astro_Zombie made 67 other changes. more
The instrumental opening of the track starts. A floor short of mens dress shoes in a calm pace, bristly walking to an unknown area. From the look of his well kept footwear it is obvious he is a man of style and sharply dressed. We then see a close up of his briefcase with the logo for "Light and Wiley robotics" on the side.

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